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January 1, 2030

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Upcoming Events

A Revolution of Light and Love


Online - Videos Mondays & Meditations Fridays


Over the coming months I’m going to share a beautiful book of channelled teachings from Jesus with you via video – A Revolution of Light and Love: Find Joy, Peace and Love by Living as Your True Self. Check out my blog each Monday.


I channelled these teachings a few years ago, when my heart attacks set me on my own awakening journey. I’m being guided to share them now as the world is going through a time of healing and awakening right now. We are all undergoing this inner revolution, this gentle revolution of light and love.


The names Jesus and God have not always been positive for us all, but these are teachings of pure love; these are teachings of freedom and empowerment; these teachings show you how to reconnect to your soul, to your own divinity, and find all the truth, wisdom, joy, peace and love you need inside you.

  • I’ll share these videos in my Sunday Soul Inspiration newsletter each Sunday (you can sign up for free here). I’ll also share them each Monday in my blog and across my social media.
  • These are teachings to be lived, not just heard, so I’m running live online meditations via Zoom on Fridays to tie in with the weekly teachings. These are healing and transformational events.
  • You pay what’s right for you right now:
  • £2.50, £6, £11
  • Places are limited so contact me if you’d like me to send you the link to join in.
  • I hope these beautiful teachings lead you back to all the joy, peace and love your soul is crying out for.


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