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January 1, 2030

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About Me & How I Can Help


As a spiritual teacher, healer, channel and writer, my aim is to help you live as the best version of yourself, your true self, and live a life that has meaning for you.


At 43 I had two heart attacks in a week. I found myself on a miraculous joruney from heart attacks to hearing angels, and learning how to live, love and thrive again after truama. I went on a journey to heal myself, transform my life and live a life I had chosen, not a life someone else had chosen for me.


When you work with me, I guide you on your own gentle journey of deep healing and transformation.


I do this through a mix of divinely guided teaching, intuitive energy healings, intuitive one to one soul guidance and one to one spiritual mentoring. These will help you to:


  • live in flow and joy.
  • come from a deep centre of peace.
  • heal and release pain, blocks and trauma.
  • love healthily and become a powerful, loving presence in the world.
  • find your vision for your life and live a life that has meaning for you.
  • connect with your own inner guidance and higher guidance and use these to guide your daily life.
  • regain your trust and faith.
  • live as your soul presence, the Divinity within you, and make an impact in the world.


Your Healing Journey


Honesty, humour and compassion are an essential part of our work together. I provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to grow. You don’t need to believe in anything. There is no right way to do any of this - there is only your way.


When we work together I will help you to:


  • find the space and courage to stop and look truthfully at the life you are living now.
  • help you heal emotionally and release pain, blocks and trauma.
  • help you to pinpoint and practice the small steps that with patience, persistence and perseverance will lead to huge changes.
  • show you how to connect with your own inner guidance and your higher guidance so you have this strength and support with you always, empowering you to change.
  • help you reconnect to your soul, your inner presence, your true self, and let it guide your life.
  • tune into my intuitive guidance so that everything is uniquely tailored for you and your personal journey
  • be there to inspire you to find your vision for your life and to live the life you have chosen to live – not the life someone else has chosen for you.


This process is all about empowering you to be all you can be. I help you to embrace all your power, strength, courage, love, compassion, ferocity of vision, gentleness, drive, softness and empathy.


My Story


When I had my two heart attacks, I was brought to my knees and knew I had to change. Before the heart attacks, my life looked perfect from the outside. I was happily married and owned a beautiful home. I was a published poet, was working in my dream job as a screenwriter, and I’d just signed to a London agent.


But inside I felt empty, deadened. I was a robot going through the motions. For weeks at a time I was travelling for 3 hours each morning and each evening to get to my job as a screenwriter. I was exhausted and had no time to see my loved ones. I was grieving from losing my father to cancer in 2001. I wanted to start a family of my own but I soon realised there was something wrong. All the medical interventions started taking their toll. When I finally did fall pregnant I was over the moon, but I lost my baby at 9 weeks and was completely devastated.


The only thing I could do was keep going, because I was afraid that if I stopped I would have a breakdown. The mask had to crack. In 2012 at 43, with no warning, I had two heart attacks in a week. My life fell apart.


But during my second heart attack I had a moment of epiphany that changed my life. I knew I could choose to close my eyes and go - because I knew without doubt that my body might ‘die’ but ‘I’ would go on; ‘I’ would continue to exist somewhere else, in some other form. In that moment I faced death and chose to live.


I was no longer afraid of dying. I was afraid of not living. I went searching for a deeper meaning to life, the truth beyond the everyday that I’d experienced. I had to journey inside me to discover how to truly live instead of merely exist.


I read every self-help book available, started to meditate, went to angel classes, shamanic classes, psychic awareness classes – anything that could help me heal. I started a daily routine of meditation and through this I connected with something more. I felt the Divine presence of my angels and spiritual guides. After years of being too angry to speak to God, I reconnected to the love of my Divine Source.


I trained as an Integrated Energy Therapist healer and built up a very close relationship with my healing guide. I would let his beautiful healing energy flow through me when healing others. My guide would give me messages to pass on to others to help them with their problems. He then tapped into my writing abilities and channelled a book on healing through me. I experienced what The Law of Attraction’s Esther Hicks describes as that feeling of ‘being breathed’.


Others now work with me and connect with me to channel messages of love, teaching and guidance, both verbally and through writing. I work most closely with Jesus, who I find to be a friend, teacher and mentor. I also channel Mary Magdalene and work with angelic energies and the Divine Light.


They all pass on the same core message – be your authentic self, turn within you for the answers, live to your fullest potential now.


It’s All About You


We all have a past, regrets, lingering pain from childhood. The good news is it doesn’t matter what’s happened up until this moment – because right in this moment you can step out of this and step forward into the true you that’s waiting to burst forth from you.


If you are going through a tough time, if you are walking one way and your soul is crying out to you to walk another, listen to it, because your soul will lead you to more Love & Light than you can yet imagine.



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